Balancing Frequencies on AIM
The name AIM, All Inclusive Method, is quite appropriate for the depth and breadth of what the program embraces. There are over 500,000 balancing frequencies on the AIM Program now which include: all the homeopathic frequencies, essential oils, herbs, bach flower frequencies, emotional frequencies, all the virtue frequencies, the anti-aging/longevity frequencies, all the human and animal energy frequencies that are beneficial, protection frequencies, balancing frequencies for all man-made imbalances revealed in Stephen Lewis’ research (usually three to 7 a day are added to the program) and balancing frequencies for every hereditary imbalance (many with names similar to the disease name) you’ve ever heard of, and tons you haven’t, that pertain to humans or animals. The matching, underlying emotional balancing frequencies for every hereditary imbalance are on AIM as well. And “enhancing” frequencies described below.

Since 1999, hundreds of additional hereditary balancing frequencies have been added to The AIM Program as a result of Stephen Lewis’ continuous research and the special rechecks performed. These new frequencies are largely found through “Special Rechecks” on those on AIM over 11 months, when something persists, and Stephen has a much greater ability to look for an imbalance that might have been hidden behind all the other imbalances someone has cleared. Needless to say, anything revealed today is likely to be a very core or foundational imbalance for anyone who has it as they reach yet another deeper level of healing.

AIM Enhancing Frequencies
There is even more to The AIM Program than offering balancing frequencies for mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical disease imbalances. Stephen has also found many frequencies whose purpose is to trigger your ability to naturally choose that which enhances your quality of life through elevated consciousness, and has added them to The AIM Program (and continues to add such frequencies). Here is a small sampling of some of AIM’s “personal empowerment” & life-enhancing frequencies:
Emotional stability
Mental vitality
Perception of order
Self healing
Ability to help others heal themselves
Awakening consciousness
Protection against unwanted intrusion
Feeling of harmony
Feeling of radiance within
Ability to remove doubt
Unconditional love
Perpetual gratitude
Ability to shed past fixations
Self acceptance
Protection while awake & asleep (you vibrate differently awake/asleep)
Appreciation of the miraculous
Replace separation with connection
Induce you to envision healing
Self-empowerment, ability to be empowered by everyone & every-
   thing, on every tray
Ability to feel empowered every moment
Stamina & vitality; regenerate the central nervous system
Replace ego with understanding
Replace grief with humility
Replace desire with acceptance
Replace anger with forgiveness
Replace attachment with self-sufficiency
Replace fear with courage
Encourage prosperity
Remove doubt
Replace separation with love

Remember, too, that as hereditary and other imbalances are removed and your life force rises, you are better able to set conscious intentions to enhance your selection of these enhancing frequencies. While as a matter of survival or instinct, you automatically select balancing frequencies for hereditary imbalances, you are still in charge of you. If it is your intention to grow spiritually and to elevate your consciousness, then you will fully utilize all these enhancing frequencies. Not everyone does. It’s possible to have a life force of 100, and not be clearing any hereditary imbalances (currently on The AIM Program) and still have a low level of consciousness. Self-responsibility is key to all advancement.

Click here for articles Stephen has written on some of the individual enhancing frequencies.

Quote from Sanctuary: The Path To Consciousness, page 88:
"People recognize that their inner needs aren’t being met. They’re itching for a change, but they don’t know how to get there. But people who have come here for energetic balancing find that their feelings of well-being return; they have much more energy, they think more clearly; and their emotions are calmer, more centered, and more loving."

From "Tenets of EMC²":
7. Self-Responsibility: EMC² teaches self-responsibility. Self-responsibility means acknowledging that we are the cause of everything in our own lives. Self-responsibility means accepting the power that we truly wield as infinite and eternal beings. Denial of our self-responsibility means giving up that power and becoming victims of our environment.