Replace Anger with Forgiveness
In order to be of the greatest benefit, enhancing frequencies must be consciously chosen. If you have an energetic imbalance, whether it is a frequency of MS, or cancer or a toenail fungus, as an AIM participant, your higher self will automatically select the balancing energies you need to help you self-heal as a matter of basic instinct or survival. But there is no automatic selection in regard to the AIM enhancing frequencies; they are "voluntary" in that they must be consciously chosen by you, and they will be chosen by you if it is your intention to raise consciousness, to become increasingly aware of your connection to everyone and everything. This voluntary selection does not require that you know what all of these enhancing frequencies are - there are hundreds of them, and you quite naturally may more fully tap in to certain ones at certain times and not so much at other times.

Enhancing frequency – replace anger with forgiveness.

I have been asked many times if there are frequencies for forgiveness in the AIM database. The answer is yes, but the frequency by itself does nothing, it must be consciously chosen by you, and there is no question: you can do it. Will you?

A friend of mine once wrote "If you cannot love your past, you cannot leave your past. Most people are about three years old." I might add, without the charm or innocence of childhood.

Somewhere, way back then, someone hurt you, made you angry, resentful. If we retain that feeling we are condemned to filter each and every moment of our lives through the prism of that past anger. In fact, the more painful the experience was the more entrenched we are in that past. We become the definition "stuck." No matter what you do you relive the same event over and over again, hoping for a different result. That is Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity.

How do we get off this treadmill? Simple: REPLACE ANGER WITH FORGIVENESS

When you forgive someone, you grant yourself the freedom to leave that negative moment in time. You allow yourself to BE HERE NOW. You allow yourself to BE FREE. What are you waiting for?

Here is a simple exercise to help you implement this enhancing frequency. Write down all the people and experiences that have caused you anger. The list need not be a novel and you can abbreviate. For example, if your third grade teacher called you dumb or your former employer threatened to take you to court, just write down "called me dumb", or "former employer". If you don't have at least 100 people or experiences you're either not human or have a very selective memory. Now, line by line, go down each item and say "Thank you for giving me this experience, I choose to let the negative energy surrounding this experience/person go." You might be surprised to learn that just recalling some of these experiences may create somewhat of a charge in you. Keep going over the list every day for the month until you no longer feel irritation toward the people and events. Make sure to add any new irritants that you can recall to your list. Amazing things will begin to appear when you replace your anger with forgiveness.

Some of you might be asking, but how can I forgive these people for the horrible things they have said or done to me? Your job is not to judge the experiences as right or wrong, but instead acknowledge that those experiences made you the person you are today. When you express gratitude for all your experience, whether you judge them as good or bad, their power over you greatly diminishes. Work with your facilitator if you have questions and know that when you practice forgiveness you will reap incredible rewards in your life. By letting go of stuck, old angry energy, you create a vacuum for positive experiences to flow into your life.

There is one remaining question: if we all do this how many lists will have your name?

In Love and Light,