Deconstructing/Reconstructing Humpty Dumpty
Part 1 of 2
Imbalances in consciousness can be described as energetic imbalances. An energetic imbalance can have the same name as the actual physical “disease” such as lung cancer, the flu, depression, etc., but it does not necessarily mean you have the physical condition. However, I believe it does mean this: either you have the physical condition already or you will have it shortly UNLESS YOU REMOVE THE IMBALANCE FROM YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. This is known as "healing".

If you remove an energetic imbalance from your consciousness, the physical manifestation of such a thing can no longer thrive, or even survive, in your physical body. That is how you heal yourself. This belief is shared by both quantum physics and spirituality. In fact, it is why healing and healers are considered to be spiritual in nature. It also helps explain why there are churches called, "Religious Science" or "Science of Mind."

Regarding Humpty Dumpty, it is my belief that, in the absence of fault lines, Humpty would have just gotten banged up, and a little dirty. He would have needed to be detailed rather than put back together. Unfortunately, he broke exactly where he was programmed to age.

Well, what are these fault lines? They are the weaknesses Humpty brought with him. We may call them ancestral or hereditary; however, they are certainly karmic. Think about it. Why would he have brought weaknesses with him if they weren't things he needed to resolve?

If this sounds whimsical or fanciful think about your application for health insurance. Does either parent have cancer? How about heart disease or diabetes? False teeth, crippled, bald, etc…

THINGS RUN IN FAMILIES. They, the money people, the bookies who set the odds, know about this stuff. They're called actuaries, and they use this information to determine if they'll sell you insurance and how much they're going to charge you for it. That's their job. Your job, should you choose it, is to be the first in the history of your family without a family history.

There is nothing in the world that cannot be healed. I said healed rather than cured, because many things can't be cured. I believe, in the absence of a bullet or a train wreck our demise is inevitably caused by our hereditary weakness. Now, I grant you that sometimes that is not listed as the cause of death. Consider this scenario: Everybody gets the flu, and gets over it except for a couple of people who have hereditary – and active – lung cancer or cystic fibrosis or something else that's a respiratory weakness that they brought in with them. These couple of people don't make it and they are among those listed as influenza fatalities. Do you see what I mean? Only the ignorant or the uninformed could possibly attribute their transition to the same flu that you, your parents, grandparents and children had last month. The obvious distinction is you had no hereditary fault line in your lung, so when you fell you simply got dented and dirty, not broken. That is the distinction that necessitates all the king's horses and all the king's men, instead of simple sympathy and chicken soup.

If a camel is carrying a million straws and you add one more to his burden is it reasonable to claim that it's the one straw that broke the camel's back? The first million straws are karmic and there by design; the final, single straw is acquired and really insignificant. Any straw would have done it. Any imbalance will do.

Well, in regard to these fault lines what recourses do we have? I see three.

Firstly, the easiest and most painless (for you) is to insist upon your parents healing all these hereditary diseases/karmic issues/fault lines in themselves before they consider reproduction. The problem is, you're not there to advise them (there are those who believe that with all these issues resolved there would no longer be a need to reproduce).

Secondly a relatively painless solution would be for parents to look at you, their child and say, "I wonder if he's got our family history of cancer, heart disease, deafness, near-sightedness, obesity…." Or, whatever. If any answer is yes, (and it certainly would be to at least some of the questions) they would be acting with responsibility if they said, "I'd better help him heal these things before they become a real problem, not just a potential one". As I said, this is a relatively easy solution because most of Baby Humpty's cracks could only be identified microscopically.

The third and most difficult solution is the one that is presented to most of us. It happens when we've already begun to be aware of our karmic cracks. Perhaps your vision isn't quite as sharp or you're getting a little hard of hearing. Some arthritis in your fingers or a sore low back? Diabetes, heart disease, cancer? All these weaknesses can still be healed but it's neither quite so easy nor painless. Whatever that process of healing entails it is still far more comfortable than it would be if you did not heal these flaws in the integrity of your physical, emotional, and spiritual being.

This process of aging is supposed to occur over a stipulated period of time, often referred to as "three score and ten". Can you envision the implications if the aging process is two or three or four times as fast as it had been in the past? I believe that vision is our current reality, and therefore all of us Humptys must reinvent ourselves, this time without fault lines. It can be and must be done.

Deconstructing/Reconstructing Humpty Dumpty Part 2 of 2

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