Jan Wallace
Independent Facilitator for EMC²
(623) 910-2152
Congratulations! Your interest and participation in Energetic Balancing via The AIM Program, is the next step for you to be the very best that you can be, on all levels - Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual!

I am truly honored to be a Facilitator for EMC². I have been a student and practitioner of Energy and Metaphysics for over 45 years, and honestly believe this program is the most advanced way to raise your consciousness.

My participation was destined. When I read the book Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness in 1998 (I don't even know how I got the book), I innately knew that I would be involved with this program. I went on the AIM Program myself in 2001, so that I would be working at the highest vibrational level possible. It then became obvious that I would become a Facilitator, so that I could offer the AIM Program's energetic balancing to my clients.

My Ministry is worldwide, with the majority of my Participants living in Arizona, California, Oregon, Montana, and Texas. As a Facilitator for nearly 20 years, I have seen miracles take place in people's lives. I look forward to assisting you in this wonderful journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and manifestation!

Be Blessed!

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