Is Paranoia Contagious?
I’d Worry About It If I Were You
We at EMC² are frequently asked about the potential for negative effects from the close proximity of the photos of participants on The AIM Program. The answer is quite simple: No, there is no danger, because the pictures don’t leak. They’re just pictures. It’s a one-way street. You change, the pictures don’t. The pictures may fade, you won’t follow suit. You, on the other hand, may heal yourself, or you may pass on. Your picture will still be here. That’s because it’s just a picture. It’s simply a tool to help you focus your consciousness on healing what you need to heal. It’s a tool to help you select the most appropriate mantras, each and every second.

In other words, if a tree falls in the forest it does make a noise, because it is within the consciousness of that tree to make a noise when it falls, or to have it’s leaves rustle in a brisk wind. However, a picture of that tree will remain quieter than a church mouse. If the tree becomes firewood, it’s photo will remain whole and complete and yet both the tree and those standing under it can use that photo to help them heal themselves. Let me put it this way: How many of you believe the people in the picture will try to heal their Dutch Elm disease? All of the above is why an obituary may have a picture of the deceased as he looked 50 years ago.

For those of you who remain unconvinced, allow me to further fuel your fears. Where are all your high-school yearbooks? Do you realize that when closed (which is most of the time), your picture may be smack up against a photo of someone you know nothing about. Your logic must guide you to find all those books and excise your picture from each of them. It gets worse. Consider People magazine. It would be within the realm of possibilities to have a photo of the Pope or the Dali Lama… or you close against the opposing picture of a syphilitic drug addicted woman who has just killed her saintly husband. Should the Dali Lama be concerned? Will the woman become enlightened? Not at all. It is within the power of each of us to use every available tool to help us heal ourselves, and yet, those tools will only be used by and for individual intention and… consciousness. That is why, in a nutshell (or, from nutcase… or both) it may be possible for many people to diagnose and cure you, but only you can heal yourself.

A friend of mine, loved and respected by millions, once said, “Steve, my picture is in the DMV. Why isn’t it doing anything?” I replied, “it’s just a picture. What would you like it to do? If you walked into a hardware store and observed a saw and some lumber, would you wonder why the saw isn’t cutting the wood? Just as it would be the power of your intention that would make the saw cut the wood,” it is that same power that makes your photo help you heal yourself. We provide a tool, to guide your consciousness you do the healing with your consciousness.

Still unconvinced? Let me give you some worst case scenarios. You asked for DNA, I’ll give you DNA. Have you ever had a public hair cut in a barbershop or salon? Where is that hair? Have you ever had your sunburned skin peel off? Where is that skin? Was it swept up along with that of others? Who are the others? Are you destined to have your DNA rub against that of others for the remainder of your days, and beyond, in some land fill? Will your DNA be used to make a hair extension for someone of bad intention and low consciousness? Will the pig valve in your heart give you an affinity for garbage? Will you and the pig exchange karma? Will the pig become loveable, while you behave like a swine?

Not to worry. Your intentions, your consciousness are yours. Theirs are theirs. After all, it’s just DNA. We create it as we need to. We are made of energy shared by consciousness. The DNA just tags along, like a picture.

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