Why Energetic Evaluation Is More Art Than Science
When we go to a physician and take a blood test, the test counts the number of RBCs in a sample of blood. Another test counts the amount of protein or sugar in a sample of urine. The blood, the urine and the machine (if it’s calibrated properly) are pure. They require an operator, but no art and little artifact. It is not dissimilar to counting how many inches tall you are (if your tape measure is calibrated properly).

Sadly, not all of life is that transparent. Some, if not most, of life is shrouded in the subtle mystery of consciousness. Let’s try, for a moment, to understand the nature of that mystery.

We must begin with this premise: all knowledge about you comes from within you, and, furthermore, there is nothing about you you do not know. These are energetic absolutes.

Sadly, again, much of what we know about ourselves we do not know that we know. Our consciousness is too low for us to perceive these things and speak about them, let alone focus on them and act on them. Conversely and consequently, these things (imbalances) are free to act upon us with impunity. It is just this that compels us to turn to "healers", not to be healed by them, but to have them sufficiently elevate our consciousness so that we may perceive and focus on our imbalances…so that we may heal ourselves.

OK, I’ll get (a little closer) to the point. I know a man who has designed energetic measuring systems. He is both intelligent and gifted. His goal is to design a system that transcends and obviates the need for an operator or tester: "just set it and forget it".

It’s a lofty and ambitious goal; however, it violates our most fundamental energetic principle: we are seeking and "measuring" frequencies that exist in consciousness. We are not just simply counting. Consciousness may not be accessed without a conscious interface. Once more, sadly, a computer has no consciousness. Mine doesn’t, his doesn’t and yours doesn’t. They are tools, and as such, they are valuable, but, they are not conscious.

Every energetic evaluator knows that he and his consciousness are inseparable from the work he does with his patient, or client, or…congregant, in the case of EMC². He is part of the equation. It is true that the practitioner’s consciousness includes his knowledge and experience. but, it also includes his instinct and interaction with the consciousness of the person he is evaluating or, "helping to heal himself". It is just this inclusion that allows room for "evaluator error", because it admits the possibility of preconception and presupposition. At the same time, it creates those possibilities of quantum leaps of insight and intuition that transcend experience and provide the momentary flashes of illumination that allow us to look into the void. These are lights we must always follow.

Let me share two real, personal, factual stories with you that illustrate the previous paragraph.

The first story occurred a number of years ago in Los Angeles during the pre-AIM days. I did an energetic evaluation for a man who came to me as a client. There was a small problem: I didn’t know he was a man. He was a transvestite who had actually undergone trans-sexual surgery. I perceived him just as he presented himself: a young (and attractive) woman. During the course of the Energetic Evaluation, I found several active malignancy frequencies in him, including those in the orbs of the kidney, adrenal and... uterus. That’s when "all hell broke loose". He stood up, denounced me as a "fraud" and stormed out. Subsequently, he shared his "brilliant unmasking" of me with everyone he knew.

A year or so later he attempted, repeatedly, to schedule another appointment with me. Obviously, I declined to see him. One day, as I left my office, he confronted me in the hallway. He began to plead and sob. Apparently, he had been medically diagnosed with genitourinary cancer, which included both his kidney and prostate (which he felt was ironic considering his "preferred" gender). Also, he added, the physician had found it necessary to inform him that the prostate was the male analogue of the uterus. It was that information that may have precipitated his newly found enlightenment. I wondered, silently, if the physician’s accuracy was the result of the two of them being nude during the diagnostic examination, and if his enlightenment had included any information about the term, "karma". Fortunately, his story ended happily for him.

True, he had fooled me. He had deceived my consciousness both by his intention and my inability to be independent of preconception. The problem is, try as we may, neither I nor anyone I’ve ever known is capable of being totally independent of preconception.

The second example occurred in New York City, back in the days when I was doing mini-evaluations... only for those who were not receiving Energetic Balancing. You know the rest of the story, and, in retrospect, it was inevitable. He wanted an evaluation, and so, he lied. In so doing, he programmed me and my consciousness (if I had suspected him, I could have tested and found he was on the Aim Program). I found the frequency of his initial life force, and he was devastated... and irate. There was no point in explaining to him that my consciousness had accepted the misinformation he had given me, or, that I could have disproved it had I bothered to look. Perhaps I am too used to gratuitously accepting that you are not a muskrat and your dog is indeed a dog. I just don’t have the time to verify everything.

In summary, although my consciousness will make suppositions, I am rarely fooled by anything other than purposeful deception. In other words, if I am looking to see if the frequency of heart disease is present, or what cancer frequencies are revealed, there is little room or cause for error, simply because I bring no preconceptions to that evaluation.

Some, at EMC² (and elsewhere) have suggested I stop doing Energetic Evaluations because of the risk of being misled. I disagree. I see no shame in admitting my capacity for imperfection. I must live with my frailties, just as I must never stop trying to overcome them. I see it as my destiny. We are here to help, not to be infallible. No one deals with anyone who is infallible. If you reject that help or if you don’t believe in its possibility, we respect your choice. If you change your mind, we respect that also.

I’ve saved the best for last: you can never really deceive yourself... which is nice.

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