Prayer Wheel Technology
An early example of Spiritual Technology is the prayer wheel. For thousands of years the Tibetans and others have used such devices to generate prayer energies at a level of intensity believed to be beyond that of the unassisted prayer.

Inside the prayer wheel is a rice paper scroll on which is written in Sanskrit the sacred words Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum over 100,000 times. The scroll is consecrated and then placed into the prayer wheel. When the prayer wheel is turned with intent it is believed that this mantra is being repeated 100,000 times for each turn of the wheel.

At EMC², digital technology provides an electronic impetus equivalent to the turning wheel. The frequencies emitted by the trays are a type of prayer energy. The balancing energies are not stored in Sanskrit but rather as digital encodings of consciousness using methods revealed to Stephen Lewis.

Modern computer technology allows EMC² to store each AIM recipient's spiritual hologram using photographs which are printed in arrays or matrixes and then placed so the photographs contact the metal trays. Thus, the person depicted receives the balancing energies via this holographic gateway. Traditionally, prayer wheels may be turned by wind or water. It is believed that those whose photograph or likeness is placed nearby receive the prayer energies being generated. This principle is the same as the techniques used in the Sacrament of Energetic Balancing.

The blue Buddha is known as the medicine Buddha because it symbolizes and embodies the connection between spirituality and healing. Because we, too, honor this connection, EMC² has this Buddha presiding over the AIM trays.

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