The Revolution of Evolution
You say you want a revolution
Well you know we'd all love to see the plan.
John Lennon

There is an evolutionary change occuring at a geometric and vertiginous rate. Rather than a slow change that spreads itself through the physicality of our population, this evolution is taking place in our collective and individual consciousness at an unprecedented pace.

Evolution as it is normally studied focuses primarily on physical adaptations in a given population. Evolutionarily-successful adaptations are those which allow the individual to reproduce and the resulting offspring to survive and reproduce themselves. This kind of evolution is a slow process and takes place over many generations in any given population. There are, of course, many controversies about the philosophy of evolution, not least of which is that the evidence for evolution may be circumstantial. EMC² believes that the controversy stems from the fundamental disagreement between the point of view of material realism and subjective idealism. More detail on that subject is covered elsewhere in EMC² literature.

We believe that physical evolution is a manifestation of the spiritual quest. The spiritual quest is that process in each of us and in everything towards conscious unification with the universe.

Now evolution itself is in revolution. The physical adaptation that marks our understanding of the process in the past has now been supplanted by an adaptation in consciousness. In other words, evolution is now occuring at a more subtle vibratory level than it has in the past. That consciousness adaptation has already undergone several stages.

The first stage of this change from physical evolution to consciousness evolution manifested itself as waves of ever-improving technology. When we speak of the Stone Age, the Bronze Age or the Iron Age, we are speaking about technology as evolutionary adaptation. Further culminations along this line include the Industrial Revolution, the post-Industrial Revolution and the Digital Revolution. A brief examination of the essence of these waves reveals that each met the criteria used to identify successful evolutionary adaptations. Each wave represented various adaptations. The adopters of these changes were afforded advantages that allowed them to survive and reproduce, and further afforded their offspring the same advantages.

Sadly, in addition to the very real evolutionary advantages that these technology waves provided, they also have managed to poison our nest. Thus we find ourselves at a crucial junction in our history. Technology, which has been an evolutionary advantage, has now created crisis. They say that the Chinese characters for "crisis" separately mean "opportunity" and "danger." The technology crisis, while fraught with danger, also provides us an opportunity.

The problem with technology to date is that it broke free of the spirituality that characterized early civilizations. All early civilizations were founded on strong philosophical principles that were spiritually based. The ancient spiritual principles, ironically, are the fundamental breeding ground for what we now call quantum mechanics, which is the spiritual truth emerging through the secular philosophy of science.

Our civilization has for the last few hundred years chased a scientific philosophy that claims to have eclipsed the need for spiritual philosophies, made those spiritual philosophies somehow quaint and superstitious. But the opportunity which has emerged from this crisis manifests itself as the combining of spirituality and technology. This combination is epitomized in EMC²'s Sacrament of Energetic Balancing which uses its spiritual technology to generate, replicate and transmit spiritual energies via the use of digital electronics and photographs.

This spiritual technology represents the next wave of evolution. There has been much written about the Star Children. Star Children are believed to be born as newly-evolved beings with advanced genetics which have already adapted to the toxic, imbalanced energies which exist today which previous generations could not have experienced. Unfortunately for those of us already born, being born as a Star Child is not an option. However, we still have choices.

EMC²'s Sacrament of Energetic Balancing, via The AIM Program, provides for the first time in history an opportunity for individuals to choose their own evolution. The AIM Program provides balancing energies for energetic imbalances in your consciousness. We speak of these energetic imbalances as residing in layers in your consciousness. The outermost layers are the "active" layers. The active layers represent energetic imbalances which are recently acquired. The next layer is the "chronic" layer. Chronic layers, as the name "chronic" with its root "chronos" or time implies, contain those energetic imbalances which you have had in your consciousness for a long time. A "long time" can be anywhere from weeks to months to years. Deeper still are the hereditary layers which represent energetic imbalances which are passed from generation to generation. Traditional spiritual sources have referred to this phenomenon by speaking about "the sins of the fathers being visited upon the sons." And at the deepest level are the karmic energetic imbalances which transcend even family connection and affect your relationship with the universe on every level.

Each of us has a non-physical "energy body," which we often refer to as the "local energetic matrix," and that the physical body is a manifestation of the energy body. The ministry of EMC² addresses the energy body. It does not address the physical body. EMC² believes that the energy body contains structures which we refer to by names which are the same as or similar to the names of many physical body parts. As a religious matter, we believe the energy body part is the energetic origin of the physical body part. We refer to the energy body part as the "orb," such as the "orb of the kidney." EMC² is not referring to the actual kidney, but to the energetic origin of the kidney.

Imbalances in the energy body (we refer to these as "energetic imbalances") hinder an individual's growth toward higher consciousness or, as we said above, conscious unification with the universe.

The Sacrament of Energetic Balancing represents an opportunity for evolutionary advancement. Remember that technology itself has become the prime force in evolution. As a spiritual technology, the Sacrament of Energetic Balancing, via The AIM Program, represents in itself an evolutionary step in technology.

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