EMC² & AIM: An Interview With Roberta Hladek
Susan Meeker-Lowry: What is The AIM Program?
Roberta: AIM stands for All-Inclusive Method. When we talk about the All-Inclusive Method, we’re referring to all the frequencies that provide energetic balancing to our recipients, which are sent by way of a computer system. Energetic balancing helps us to remove blockages that impede out life force which is our inner chi. Everything is energy and everything vibrates at a unique frequency, even emotions, diseases, and other imbalances. The AIM Program aids us in removing those energetic imbalances which impeded the flow of chi. This in turn raises our life force and helps us become more conscious. The more conscious we are the clearer we become about our life’s purpose.

SML: So the ultimate purpose of AIM is to help people become more conscious so that they can do what they’re supposed to do.
R: Absolutely. We all want to know what our real purpose in life is and many of us don’t. We go through life on autopilot. Some of us are lucky enough to find our unique niche in life, but not everyone is so fortunate. Sometimes it takes time for us to realize where we’re going and what we’re doing.

SML: How did you become involved with AIM?
R: In 1987, I was in a car accident. I was pretty banged up and my back and neck were very painful. I met Stephen Lewis through my stepfather. He used to take all these herbs and other formulas and he told me to go see Stephen who had a machine in which he would us my thumb to test me and give me some drops to take. And that’s what I did. This is when the program consisted of energetic solutions and homeopathic remedies. After a few months, I started feeling so much better that I knew I wanted to be involved in this work.

SML: Were the energetic solutions like Bach Flower Essences?
R: They were similar, yes. They were called imprinting solutions and were a mixture of water, alcohol, and diatomaceous earth that were imprinted with balancing frequencies. For every imbalance there is a corresponding frequency that will bring you back to balance.

SML: The formulas received these balances via the computer?
R: Yes. The drops were imprinted through a computerized system. Then the client would take the drops internally on a specific schedule depending on what they were clearing.

SML: But now you use pictures.
R: Right. When I look at where we’ve been and where we’re going it’s like rubbing two sticks together to make a fire and now we’re using a lighter. The solutions were great in the beginning but they’ve become obsolete. Now when we use photographs, all the balancing frequencies on the computer are being sent to you all the time which means you can pick and choose the frequencies you need when you need them.

SML: How does that work?
R: According to holographic theory, not only is everything in the universe interconnected, but also anything unique to you, like your hair, blood, a tooth, or a photograph, contains all existing information about you at every level. So when we put your photo on the imprinting tray to receive the balancing frequencies. Those frequencies are imparted directly to you energetic matrix which you then pick and choose those frequencies that you need at the time you need them.

SML: Do we do this consciously?
R: Hopefully. It depends on how conscious each of us is. We know everything about ourselves but we don’t always know we know.

SML: What do you mean by “matrix”?
R: Our matrix is our energetic pattern. This pattern or Matrix is like a fingerprint. It is unique to us and knows what is out of balance with us all the time. Just as no two fingerprints are alike, so no two energetic patterns are alike. It’s always trying to keep us in balance. With The AIM Program all the frequencies are being sent to that matrix which decides what it is that we need and when we need it.

SML: How many frequencies are there?
R: Roughly half a million or more. Stephen is constantly researching and adding new frequencies to counter the new imbalances he discovers.

SML: How does he find new imbalances?
R: He uses what is called the QED, or the Quantum Evaluation Device. That’s the computer program we use to test individuals to find out what their imbalances are. We’re constantly checking recipients on The AIM Program. When you’re on the program you’re tested at five months and again at eleven months. Sometimes we find a frequency that’s not in the program. So then Steve identifies it, names it, and adds it to the program. At EMC², we don’t diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. This is all about healing. We don’t balance you. We guide you through the process. There are frequencies that can be similar to mental or physical feelings or disease. What we do know is that when we choose the particular frequency the disease may not manifest itself. And when we can obliterate those frequencies then we find we’re in balance, we’re stronger and more conscious. The more conscious we are, the better we are at warding off different diseases.

SML: Why is EMC² a church?
R: We’re a church because what we do is spiritual in nature. The purpose of EMC² is to bring people back to balance, to raise our level of consciousness so we can fulfill our purpose in this lifetime because we are all spiritual beings.

SML: How do you compare these balancing frequencies to prayer?
R: I believe when someone is praying for you, you feel that energy in your body somewhere. You may not consciously be thinking, “Wow, I feel different. Somebody must be praying for me.” However, you may be happier, and feel things are going better. Maybe you’ve suffered a loss but you’re now able to cope with it a little easier. Well, it’s the same with The AIM Program. It’s like someone is praying for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

SML: What is your role in EMC²?
R: A lot of people call me the heart. I try to keep everything in balance. My actual title is Vice President of Operations. I have eight employees who run the home office of EMC², and 110 independent facilitators who are all over the world. I’m their liaison. I keep in touch with them, visit them when necessary, speak at EMC² events, and try to help them in anyway I can in explaining our work.

SML: What do the facilitators do?
R: The facilitators promote EMC², support the participants who are on the tray, hold regular share group meetings, and teach the practices, doctrine, and uphold the virtues of the church. Share group meetings are where recipients who are on The AIM Program get together to talk about what’s going on with them and those who are not on the program can come and hear all about it and get their questions answered. Every year we hold a four-day training course here in California. The training includes information paperwork, legal aspects and any new frequencies discovered, as well as how to talk to recipients about what they are experiencing. Many of the facilitators come from different backgrounds in health, homemaking, music, and marketing. This time also provides the opportunity for facilitators to get to know Stephen, Evan, and myself and the office staff.

SML: Is there new research happening with AIM?
R: We have several research projects in the works. Currently we have a program with our facilitator in NYC and people who worked at Ground Zero at 911. Another project is working with autistic children. This program has been going amazingly well. There are about a hundred children, ages four to eighteen who are on the program, and they are terrific. The program is free; the only thing we want in return is feedback. Every three months we need a parent or guardian to let us know how they’re doing. And they’ve been doing great! It makes it all worthwhile when you hear about a little kid who didn’t normally speak and now he’s talking to his mother about things that are awesome for him, like knowing he has ten fingers- and where he lives! A lot of autistic kids can’t do this. They’re excelling in school and just doing fabulous. If we can help just a few of these kids have a normal life that’s just great.

SML: What do you love most about what you do?
R: I love hearing people’s stories of how they feel being on the program and how their lives have changed for the better. I love knowing that what I do is helping people to fulfill their potential and ultimately making the world a better place. If I can help anybody in any way with being involved in The AIM Program that makes my day a happy one.

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