Upon Being More Or Less Perfect
In A More Or Less Imperfect World
In response to some inquiries about my last article, I'd like to try to shed a little darkness on the difficulties inherent in an energetic re-evaluation.

Some AIM participants may have noticed that they have evolved from having no hereditary imbalance frequencies to having one, or even two that they are currently healing. If this change in status applies to you, it is neither because you are a backslider nor is it an indication that you are a born-again-detoxer. It simply means that the frequency of an old, previously unknown imbalance has been unmasked, identified (and named), and added to The AIM program. If this new old frequency is in your consciousness, you will immediately begin healing/detoxing it.

First of all, you may wonder, why is this old imbalance so new? Why would a hereditary imbalance wait until now to reveal itself? The answer is, it never intended to reveal itself, and, in all probability, is highly disturbed about being unmasked. You cannot help but sympathize.

Imagine having an elaborate and effective disguise in place for God knows how many generations, and suddenly having it stripped aside so that you stand there, buck-naked, for all the world to see...and heal.

The point is, hereditary energetic imbalances are highly conscious. They have come to exist because of the complex creative process empowered by a void in consciousness. They encircle that void, protecting it from the light...of consciousness. They hide, resisting exposure, just as we resist embracing the emotional demons that create these imbalances, which we call our karmic issues. And, like us, emotionally, they, energetically, are experts in the arts of evasion.

Fortunately, we here at EMC² are becoming increasingly expert at the art of energetic detection. We have an ever increasing range of masking frequencies, against which an AIM recipient is screened during his re-evaluation. Thus, these imbalances can still run, but it's becoming awfully tough for them to hide.

Ironically, it is we who create this subterfuge and deception. We create it, we fuel it and we nourish it with our avoidance of our emotional imbalances. Oh, sure, we want our physical imbalances gone, but we want them to leave quietly and politely.in good taste, without unpleasant drama. Regrettably, that's not the way it works. Remember, energetically, it is the avoidance of emotional and spiritual imbalances that give birth to the physical imbalances. It is the one instance where, not only can you have it all, you must have it all. But, of course, you know that. You made the rules.

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