Using Life Force To Create YOUR Life
Several years ago, I was doing a question and answer session after speaking about Energetic Balancing in Sedona, Arizona. One woman's question began with a story about how she had participated in The AIM Program for a year. She said that the first seven months on the Program were the worst seven months in her entire life. She had experienced many discomforts she attributed to energetic detox as she cleared her active, hereditary and karmic imbalances. Her conclusion was that she couldn't wait for her AIM Program to end so she could stop feeling such discomfort. But after that seven month period, she said she experienced the best five months of her life. She had so much energy, she was able to accomplish her goals during long days and well into every night. She spoke about burning the candle at both ends and feeling incredibly great the whole time. But then, after a number of months of high energy, she couldn't stand it anymore and again couldn't wait for her AIM Program to be over so she could rest!

She stopped there and I urged her on, asking what her question was. She paused for a moment and said "I've been off The AIM Program for about six months and I don't have all that energy anymore."

"Then go back on The AIM Program," I said.

"I want to," she told me. "But what do I do with all the energy?"

Maybe you've experienced this on The AIM Program yourself. As your energetic imbalances disappear, your flow of life force energy increases. And maybe you're not sure what to do with that energy either.

To answer the "what do I do with all that energy" question, we have to look at what's going on with Energetic Balancing and how it relates to Life Force energy. Our society and the philosophy about the nature of the world it embodies does not generally acknowledge the concept of Life Force, yet other, far older and perhaps wiser, philosophies and societies have considered Life Force to be the most important factor in achieving abundant health, wealth and happiness.

What is Life Force? Many people think of Life Force as the energy that propels their lungs to breathe and their heart to breathe. In acupuncture, life force is defined as the vital energy that circulates in the meridians, the energy pathways that make up the subtle-energy anatomy of the human body according to that discipline. The Chinese use the word Qi (pronounced "chee", sometimes also spelled chi). Yogis call it prana. They speak of prana flowing on the breath, but not being the breath itself. These beliefs generally postulate that Life Force is the stuff of which everything is made.

EMC² teaches, along with the great spiritual teachings and physicists like Albert Einstein (whose birthday is coming up March 14, by the way, remember to celebrate!) Niels Bohr, David Boam and others, that everything is energy. (Our focus is on the spiritual aspects of energy, but we believe that quantum physics is a description of spiritual laws from a mathematical perspective.) If everything is energy, then Life Force must be energy, right?

If everything is energy, what is the difference between Life Force and all the rest of the energy of which everything consists? Try this: Life Force is the energy you have available to you to create your life. As you expand your consciousness, you have more energy available for that process.

Notice that this definition of Life Force includes everything in your life, not just your body. Everything in your life is a creative manifestation of Life Force. Your family, your possessions, your job, your pastimes, your feelings, your thoughts are all a result of the directed flow of Life Force. Who is directing that Life Force? Ultimately, you are.

EMC² speaks of the Energetic Matrix. The Energetic Matrix is what we believe is the underlying architecture of consciousness that provides the form and guidance which causes Life Force to flow and manifest in specific ways. Energetic imbalances are blockages to the flow of Life Force and they are found in the Energetic Matrix. When the flow of Life Force is blocked, the things that Life Force is supposed to manifest are distorted, diminished or simply fail to appear. Though many of these imbalances occur in the portion of the Energetic Matrix that manifests your physical body, the Energetic Matrix and the corresponding flows of Life Force affect all areas of your life.

EMC² believes that energetic imbalances you have carried from before this lifetime and those which you acquired hereditarily from the Energetic Matrices of your parents have polarities which attract other energetic imbalances and patterns in your life. Your thoughts, emotions and spirituality are all affected by the presence of energetic imbalances. The affectations become habits that are ingrained in you. Over decades or lifetimes these habits become so familiar that it can be difficult to differentiate your true nature from that part of yourself manifested by your energetic imbalances.

As you participate in The AIM Program, your higher self uses the balancing energies provided to you via the holographic connection to your photograph to bring these energetic imbalances to consciousness and thereby release them. But even when the imbalances are cleared, you may be stuck with the energetic habits created by longtime influence of those imbalances.

I have talked before about American soldiers captured by the North Vietnamese Army during the Vietnam War who were sometimes tortured by being placed in small boxes in the prison yard. They were kept tightly confined in those boxes for weeks or months. When they were finally released, they could not immediately stand up and walk again even though they were no longer in the box. It is the same for many of us with our energetic imbalances. Though the imbalance may have been removed, we must retrain ourselves to move freely in our lives.

To get back to our friend in Sedona, what is she supposed to do with all that energy? Remember, Life Force energy is for creating your life. And that's what she should do with the energy.

If you're looking for ways to deal productively with the increase of Life Force energy as your energetic imbalances disappear, remember what Einstein once said: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results." Use your new found energetic freedom to easily make the changes in your life that will give you different results.

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