How do I enroll in the AIM Program and can I enroll someone else?
To enroll, simply complete the 4 page application form, providing your contact and payment information, and send this to us along with a full length photo of yourself (4x6 preferred). In addition to downloadable pdf applications which can be sent by regular mail, we now have secure online applications that work on any web browser and include the ability to upload your photo.

The application form authorizes EMC² to enroll you in AIM, and takes just minutes to complete. With regard to the photograph, there should be no other humans, or animals in the shot.

Each applicant, whether a person, pet, business or property of some type, must have a separate, completed application and photo in order to begin on AIM.

All forms, program options and step-by-step instructions on completing the forms, are in the "Enrolling in AIM" section of your Facilitator's web site. Forms should be reviewed with your Facilitator prior to sending to EMC².

Each person over the age of majority should complete and sign his or her
own application. EMC² does not believe anyone should make such an important decision for another person. Additionally, EMC² believes it's important for everyone to understand the foundations of AIM, one of which
is self-responsibility, and to be aware of all that is available to them while on the AIM Program. Applicants also need to be aware of potential "detox", just one of the many reasons we encourage participants to utilize our resources
to expand their understanding of the healing process and their role in using AIM to assist in their self-healing.

Renewals require only a one-page renewal form which is automatically
mailed to you by EMC², about a month before your program expires. (Like all AIM application forms, there is also an electronic version.
What is the cost to enroll in AIM?
Visit the program options page in the "Enrolling in AIM" section on your Facilitator's web site, for a complete list of program options and prices. Note that prices have only increased once since the inception of AIM in 1999 (the increase was in January 2022), and are a fraction of what participants paid when office visits and evaluations were required and there was a 6-month waiting list for a first appointment. Your Facilitator can advise you on the program options that best suit your needs.

Monthly payment options are available for individual plans but not the Family Plan (due to the substantial discount it offers). Payment plans are for 12 months and have 10 equal payments for 10 months and no payments for the last 2 months. If individual plans are paid in full, the participant receives 14 months on AIM. Family plans are paid in full for 12 months on AIM.
What is a family plan?
A Family Plan allows 5 family members to enroll in the AIM Program for $2,400, for 12 months, which is a 60% savings off of the individual enrollment cost for 5 adults. To qualify, Family Plan participants must be related by blood, marriage, adoption, or Significant Other (only the Principal and the SO must live in the same household). Payment for a Family Plan must be made, in full, by one person, referred to as the FRP (Financially Responsible Person). Each individual must complete an individual application, and a one-page Family Plan form must accompany the applications. If a Family Plan is larger than 9 participants, a second Family Plan should be started, including possibly moving some participants from the first plan to the second one. How participants are distributed in the Family Plan(s) may affect total pricing. EMC² makes sure your Family Plans are optimized for greatest cost savings. At least 2 people are required to start a Family Plan, and you have 30 days within which to add additional humans or pets. Property can be added at any time.
Do you offer any discounts?
Individual plans for pets and children are half the cost of adult plans. If a couple is enrolling, the spouse or significant other receives a 20% discount (must share a household). The Family Plan offers the greatest discount for the first 5 qualified members and additional discounts for the next 4 members. We offer a 50% discount for anyone over age 90 and for any adult who has been permanently disabled for a minimum of 3 years. Copies of official disability income documentation must be provided at the time of application. Only one adult discount per household is allowed.

Your Facilitator will be happy to discuss the best options for you and explain how programs can best be managed for your needs. See also the "Enrolling in AIM" section on your Facilitator's web site.
How soon after I send in my photo and application will I be on AIM?
New applications are processed Monday through Thursday. If your photo and application are received by EMC² by 2 PM Pacific time, every effort is made to perform your initial Life Force evaluation and add your photo to the AIM trays by 4 PM Pacific time that same day, but please allow 2-3 days because the volume of applications varies. Your Facilitator will contact you to let you know when this is done and will e-mail you a copy of your EMC² evaluation record showing your initial Life Force.
Where is the headquarters for EMC² and can I visit?
EMC² is located in Las Vegas, NV. Visits can be scheduled for people currently enrolled in the AIM Program. Please contact the office in advance to schedule a visit for a short "Tray Tour", where you can see the room that houses the "QID" (Quantum Consciousness Imprinting Device), and your photograph on the AIM trays. The QID is the device by which the balancing frequencies are made available to you via your photograph. We invite you to view the Virtual Tray Tour video even if you are scheduling a visit. Tours are performed as time allows, on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings only, between 9am and 11am. Someone not yet on AIM may accompany you, but please assure they have read Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness prior to your visit and that all questions are directed to your Facilitator. The tour, while fun and informative, is not conducted for the purpose of explaining how the AIM Program works.

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