What is Life Force?
Life Force, as used by EMC² is a unique measurement in units of consciousness of your healing ability or capacity. It is your personal power, the energy that you use to create your life. The dramatically lower initial Life Forces of those beginning on AIM (after Sanctuary:The Path to Consciousness was written in 1998) is reflective of how compromised people are due to the presence of many active hereditary imbalances. Result of the presence of an "energetic immune deficiency" frequency and all the things we acquire daily, including both naturally occurring imbalances and man-made imbalances. It is not a measurement of physical wellness or health, nor is it a reflection of how good or bad one’s diet is. It is also not the same as your consciousness level. EMC² measures Life Force on a scale of 0 to 100 for Life Force evaluation purposes. EMC² may use a higher scale of 1000, or more in the process of looking for any remaining unknown imbalances, or looking for positive markers in people who appear to be excelling on AIM.
What are energetic imbalances?
Everything is energy, and everything has a frequency. An energetic imbalance is any influence that is not in harmony with your natural state of well-being. There are karmic and hereditary imbalances and their underlying unresolved emotional imbalances. There are also environmental imbalances, things you acquire on a daily basis (some naturally occurring, some man-made), and from insect bites. Imbalances create blockages to the flow of your Life Force, your personal power to create and direct your life. EMC² believes imbalances in consciousness are the precursors for eventual physical manifestation. While an imbalance may have a name that is the same as or similar to a disease, it does not necessarily mean you have the physical condition. EMC² believes you either have the physical condition already, or you will have it shortly, unless you remove the imbalance from your consciousness, i.e., heal it.
How and when is a Life Force check performed?
Your Life Force is checked using the Quantum Consciousness Evaluation Device. Your photo is placed under a small metal plate connected to the device, and utilizing a human energy source, a thumb, as your stand-in. The Virtual Tray Tour video and the Energetic Evaluation video provide a glimpse of how this is done, as do several chapters in the novel Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness. This method is also used if an additional evaluation (a special recheck) is necessary once a participant has been on AIM long enough for them to raise their Life Force to 100 and to have self-healed all hereditary imbalances identified and on AIM. For most people, even though their Life Force may reach 100 within 11 months, they are still selecting balancing energies for recently revealed hereditary imbalances well into their second year.

Life Force is checked when a person, or pet begins on AIM and then twice more during their first year on AIM. At 5 months, Life Force is checked to see that it is rising. This assures EMC² that the participant is selecting balancing energies they need as they are ready for them. For humans, no number is provided at this time as it will vary and has no meaning. A number is checked for pets at 5 months as they are expected to be at 100 due to their significantly higher initial Life Forces. Then at 11 months, all participants are checked to assure their Life Force is at 100 at that time. If it is not, EMC² checks further to determine what may be impacting that.

If a participant goes off AIM for more than 6 months, their "returning Life Force" will be checked when they renew, and also at 5 and 11 months in their first returning year.

In subsequent years, Life Force is checked once per program year, at the 11 month mark. These Life Force rechecks are extremely important. If your Life Force is not at 100, then a special evaluation will be done by EMC² to see what might be impacting the decline. Your Facilitator will inform you
of your Life Force information by e-mailing you a copy of your EMC² evaluation record.
What is a typical initial Life Force of someone beginning on AIM?
For those in Western countries, initial Life Forces of those beginning on
AIM have declined substantially since the publication of Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness in 1998, beginning in 2000. Most have the frequency of energetic immune deficiency, causing every hereditary imbalance to reach an active state (closer to physical manifestation or already having negative physical impact). We believe man-made imbalances, stress, increasing environmental toxins, etc. have further compromised our energetic immune systems. There are also more frequencies that have been identified that are now on AIM. As of January 2012, most adults have initial Life Forces of .00002. Children used to be much higher, but are now often in the low double digits or lower. Initial Life Forces of pets are usually still in the high 90's, and also may take over a year to self-heal all hereditary imbalances identified and on AIM. Everyone was in the high 90s in 1998 when Sanctuary was written.
When and how rapidly will my Life Force increase?
Typically, your Life Force begins to rise as soon as your photograph is placed on the AIM trays, even as you first deal with your most recently acquired imbalances. Most participants reach a Life Force of 100 within the first year on AIM, as most active, chronic and hereditary imbalances are usually cleared energetically by that time. Currently, your Life Force is checked at 5 months to assure it is rising (number is not relevant and is not checked), and again at 11 months to assure it reaches 100. Results of these automatically scheduled checks will be sent to you via e-mail by your Facilitator.
How many balancing frequencies are on AIM?
Over 500,000 balancing frequencies have been identified and are available to you via the AIM trays. As previously-unknown imbalances are revealed, the related balancing energies are added to AIM. EMC² provides information about them in weekly e-mail updates.

There are balancing energies to assist you in removing karmic/hereditary imbalances and their associated unresolved etiologic emotional imbalances. You will select the ones you need as a matter of basic instinct or survival. We may discuss newly revealed imbalances in terms of what they are similar to, which may include terms that sound similar to, or identical to disease names. However, we are never discussing the actual disease(s).

There are balancing energies available to assist you in self-healing your imbalances acquired from things occurring in nature and aerosolized and man-made imbalances you are exposed to and acquire daily. Note AIM cannot keep you from being exposed to something, or from being bitten by insects. If you have no inherent hereditary imbalances or areas of weakness and have a high Life Force, you should be able to quickly heal what you acquired, barring a lethal dose or acquiring a toxic level of something. AIM has thousands of balancing energies to assist us in healing imbalances we acquire. EMC² often cautions us however, on just how many imbalances we can acquire from bugs of all sorts, some of which can cause major reactions.

There are also targeted anti-aging frequencies, and frequencies to enhance vitality. Many of the imbalances classified as hereditary imbalances could even be considered "anti-aging" in the sense that many of the physical issues that manifest from them are things commonly associated with aging. Examples of these imbalances are arthritis, dementia, balance issues, vision and hearing issues, incontinence and more.

Beyond all this, there are hundreds of "enhancing frequencies" or "empowerment" frequencies to assist you in elevating your consciousness level, if that is your choice to do so. In that sense, these are "voluntary" and include such frequencies as perpetual gratitude, unconditional love, greater self-acceptance and forgiveness, to name just a few. See the Glossary for more on these frequencies and also the term "tonify".

During your first year on AIM, you will be selecting balancing energies as you need and are ready for them, to clear possibly several hundred hereditary imbalances that you may have. This is done over time, and it's important to understand that imbalances layer in your area(s) of weakness. Picture the layers of imbalances "peeling" away taking whatever time it takes for you to clear them. As your Life Force is eventually not being used for survival or removing hereditary imbalances, you will have a greater capacity to use it toward achieving higher consciousness, if that is your intention. For more detail, go to your Facilitator's web site to see the types of Balancing Frequencies on AIM.
How do I know if AIM has balancing energies to help me heal
my specific issues?
With over 500,000 balancing energies on AIM, it is likely that any disease, or physical issue that you have heard of, has been identified and the related balancing energies have been added to the AIM trays. These help participants self-heal the related imbalances they may have. What is difficult for many people new to AIM to realize, is that while most physical issues (or diseases) have a single label or name, physical manifestations are seldom the result of just one hereditary imbalance. Rather, most things are syndromes, having multiple energetic components. Imbalances tend to settle, or layer in areas of weakness, as mentioned above. Even imbalances that you acquire can layer in this way and become chronic if you do not heal them. Additionally, each person is unique as is their specific combination of imbalances, and where they are present in them. Other things unique to the individual, such as age, physical, mental and emotional health, lifestyle, etc., also dictates that no two people will have the same healing experience, or at the same time. Many do, however, report feeling increasingly calm, empowered, more aware, centered, focused and less stressed, as they embark on their healing journey using the AIM Program as a foundational self-healing tool.
Is there anything that AIM cannot help people heal?
As written in Sanctuary, page 161, there are two things that AIM does not seem to assist in self-healing – the frequencies of heavy metal toxicity and systemic parasites. Note that people do seem to be able to heal certain "non-systemic" parasite imbalances, such as giardia and malaria. From the book:

"Over the course of testing, frequencies of "dread diseases" often came up." Inevitably, someone would wring their hands and ask if Max could deal with them. Max was always patient. He methodically checked to see if the frequency was resolvable; the answer was almost always yes. The only exceptions he seemed to encounter were the frequencies of heavy metal toxicity and systemic parasites.

"Other than those," he explained, "they're all just 'alphabet soup'. Forget about the name. If it's a frequency, and it can be reversed, it'll be gone. It doesn't matter whether it's the frequency of measles, malignancy, or HIV. The question is not the name of the frequency but whether it can be reversed. In most cases, the answer is yes – if you can do it – if your strength, your Life Force is adequate."

The presence of either of these frequencies would be revealed as part of the "Energetic Uncertainty" check. This is performed at the time an applicant's initial Life Force is determined, recorded in the participant's file and reported to them by their Facilitator. As these are acquired imbalances, not inherited, should either be detected at a subsequent Life Force check, that information would be reported in the same way. EMC² uses "EU" to indicate that there is energetic uncertainty as to a participant's ability to heal these frequencies. This is not to say the participant cannot heal the imbalance, but to note that AIM does not yet have energies available that seem to assist in healing these imbalances. As noted in the Glossary, the presence of EU for either of these imbalances does not block a participant's ability to heal their other imbalances, but will negatively impact their rate of healing (of both hereditary and acquired imbalances). If a participant reaches a Life Force of 100, and then subsequently acquires one of these imbalances, their healing capacity is impacted, and they may also experience a decline in their Life Force. The amount of the decline and whether it continues or stabilizes varies from person to person.

You may have heard EMC² Founding Member Stephen Lewis discuss his dislike of bugs of any type, and his avoidance of sushi. This is due to both the severity and abundance of imbalances imparted by many insects, especially spiders, and the added risk of acquiring a parasite imbalance. Your Facilitator may be able to provide additional information regarding these energetic imbalances and will keep you informed, should balancing energies to assist with them, be revealed to EMC² in the future. Neither EMC² nor your Facilitator can offer you any advice, medical or otherwise – they can only address questions concerning AIM Energetic Balancing. As often mentioned, AIM Energetic Balancing energies are spiritual energies.

Chemical toxicity would be similar to heavy metal toxicity, and would include chemotherapy. There may be things that a participant can do, outside of AIM, to help them remove these frequencies from their system, but we cannot provide any advice with regard to anything outside of AIM. Attaining and maintaining as high a Life Force as possible would seem even more important if you are facing additional challenges such as these.

An individual may also have difficulty self-healing in instances where structural damage or degeneration have already occurred (such as a bad heart valve, a kidney that no longer functions or a lack of certain digestive enzymes that cause food intolerances) and certain psychological issues. EMC² believes self-healing does not mean there is not a place for medical attention as required – the two should work together. In addition, there are cases in which the presence of certain degenerative diseases, such as Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy or Cystic Fibrosis can have long term crippling effects. However, EMC² continues to do all it can to help people heal everything possible, by continuing special rechecks and adding "unmasking techniques" as revealed to him, to detect any remaining imbalances. These balancing energies are then added to the AIM trays, so that anyone who may have the imbalances, can access them to heal more quickly and deeply than they otherwise could or would.

While many people have reported that they have self-healed certain allergies with the help of AIM, it is important to know that everyone is unique in terms of which imbalances they have and their impact on them. There is a difference between an allergy and an intolerance and certain irritants may simply need to be avoided. Your Facilitator can discuss the energetic aspects of these things, but EMC² cannot medically diagnose or advise you.
Can I find out what all my energetic imbalances are, and what I might
be detoxing at a given time?
The answer is no to both questions - As explained in the Epilogues in Sanctuary, and on page 2 of the AIM Application, evaluations are no longer performed, as they are no longer necessary. You select any and all balancing energies you need as you are ready for them, versus the private practice days, when people were dependent on remedy drops prescribed during an office visit. During your first year as an AIM participant, and likely into your second, you will be dealing pretty much non-stop with the healing of your hereditary imbalances, at your own unique pace. Even after you are on "long enough" to be dealing with only newly revealed hereditary imbalances added to AIM (if you have the imbalance), there is no way of knowing if you are detoxing an imbalance or what it might be. There is really no need to know, as you usually heal a new imbalance energetically, within a week or so (in the absence of a parasite imbalance), although additional time may be needed for healing on all levels, including the physical.

A new AIM participant could have several hundred hereditary imbalances to heal: We stress that patience and continuous self-care are really important as you begin this very focused, continuous process of removing all your imbalances using AIM, from those recently acquired, down to the deepest layers. Your higher consciousness determines the priority and speed at which you select balancing energies.

While we do not offer a master list of all imbalances that are identified and part of AIM, you can learn about newly revealed and added frequencies, in the EMC² weekly update e-mail newsletter.
If I'm taking medications for diabetes or blood pressure or anything else,
will my being on AIM impact that? Will I be able to stop taking them?
Every person is unique, and many have self-healed a wide variety of issues with the help of AIM, such that medications are reduced or no longer needed. Yet we remind you of several things:

Most issues are not the result of just one energetic imbalance, but rather layers of them. So healing takes whatever time it takes in the individual, as the layers of imbalances are removed at a pace determined by the participant's higher consciousness.

It is our belief, that when an imbalance is being healed in consciousness it may eventually manifest as a healing of the physical body. We must point out that if you effect a healing, by prayer or any other spiritual means, you may have to adjust your lifestyle because of that healing.

Should such a healing occur in those suffering from, for example, Type II diabetes and taking insulin, or from high blood pressure and taking appropriate medication, etc., they may require a corresponding adjustment in their medication dosage.

Therefore, we advise any participant taking medications, to continue seeing their primary health care provider for close monitoring of their progress.

EMC² does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease, nor do they confirm or dispute any diagnosis or medical recommendation. We cannot advise you whether to see a doctor or not. The AIM Program of Energetic Balancing is a spiritual technology which helps participants remove energetic imbalances in consciousness, what EMC² believes to be the precursors of negative physical manifestation.
What or how am I likely to feel while on AIM?
Each individual experiences AIM Energetic Balancing differently because each person is unique, both in the range of their existing imbalances when they begin on AIM and other variables, from their age to everything they have done or not done, to care for every aspect of themselves. With this in mind, as noted in Sanctuary, some participants may have a more noticeable experience of healing at certain times than others, whether that be physically, emotionally or both. Energetic balancing is about bringing to consciousness things which are currently being held back from your awareness. Experiencing imbalances as they are healed by you is a natural part of the process, and as you remove imbalances, your healing capacity gets increasingly stronger.

The consolation is, anything that causes discomfort now as it is removed by you, would eventually more fully express itself later, if not healed or removed by you with the help of AIM. Remember these imbalances have been draining your Life Force over time. Once they are healed, that freed-up Life Force can be used to express and create the things you want in life. See the Glossary for more information on detox and Life Force and listen to several AIM Essentials calls on "Blessing the Detox".

Also on the brighter side, as they continue on AIM, many people report an extremely high sense of well-being, a greater sense of inner peace, clarity and a greater ability to more easily achieve their goals. Many say they feel stronger, more alert and they sleep more restfully. All of these things are consistent with removing the baggage and limitations of energetic imbalances.

Remember though, that you may still acquire imbalances that cause discomfort. However, remaining on AIM can help assure that you recover quickly, using both your high Life Force and the balancing energies available to help you self-heal the many things you acquire. Even if you have removed all "known" imbalances on AIM, if a previously unknown imbalance is revealed and added to AIM and you have it, you may have the experience of healing it, but at that point you should heal it very quickly.

Patience and continued self-care are always the best advice we can offer to participants.
What if I'm still experiencing issues after being on AIM
a year or even beyond that?
It may take some participants into their second year to finish detoxing all the hereditary imbalances they have, at least for as long as previously unknown imbalances of any prevalence continue to be found and added to the AIM Trays. In addition, the physical body may take additional time to heal, beyond the time needed to clear imbalances energetically. Other aspects of the individual, including mental, emotional and physical condition and habits, may require additional time and effort on the participant's part, to heal energetic imbalances they have had for some time. Ultimately, the rate and extent of healing is dependent upon many factors unique to the individual. Your Facilitator can explain special rechecks, their purpose, and what the results mean. They can also submit a special recheck request on your behalf, if you've been on long enough and have a persistent issue. See also "special recheck" and "tonify" in the Glossary.

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