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Joanne from Idaho - AIM participant since October 2001
Testimonial provided December 2011

Joanne describes how being on AIM has been cost effective. She spend hundreds of dollars on doctors but nothing seemed to help. AIM Program was the tool she needed to self-heal.
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My own experience with the AIM Program has been very cost effective. Before starting on the AIM Program, I spent a decade looking to balance and heal what doctors call lupus. I spent hundreds of dollars a month for 10 years. I did have some benefit and had reached a better level of well being when I discovered the AIM Program in 2001.

I had been studying and practicing many forms of energy medicine when I read the book, Sanctuary, The Path to Consciousness. I "knew" that this was the evolution in real healing that I had wanted. I joined AIM in October of 2001.

For the next eight (8) years the AIM Program was the only self-healing process I used everyday to balance and heal. I did heal! After more than a decade and thousands of dollars spent to find healing, I had the simplest, most cost effective and profound healing, that of self-healing. I had my life back!

In 1990 I bore my youngest son. I now had 4 children; 16, 7, 5, and a newborn and I was running my own business when the health challenges began. My life began to change slowly at first and then at 40 years old I thought my life as I knew it was over. I was chronically ill and on steroids for 4 years. I finally held the thought that I must find my health and with that thought new information came in. Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM") was the initial choice to increase my well being and after 6 months I was feeling amazing.

I stayed with the TCM and began to explore all modes of healing alternatives that I was guided to. I won't go into all of them. I did find my soul purpose and heart's passion on this journey, and in 2001 I was guided to the AIM Program after an intention I had set that morning which was, "I am so grateful that I never have to look at disease in my life again."

I was still looking for sustained energy and well being. My days were measured at times by lingering fatigue and I felt like I was on a roller coaster.

The information about the AIM Program was on a tape I finally chose to listen to that morning in my car. Dr. Wayne Dyer talked about the AIM Program in his book, "There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem," and I heard it that morning and knew this was what I was looking for. I felt that if it was less than $5000 a year that I would find a way to do it. I was desperate to completely heal, and finding out that it was only $1,000 was a blissful bonus.

As I shared earlier, after a couple of months I finished the prescribed supplements I'd been taking and thought I'd wait and see what I might want to support the AIM Program process of self-healing. I found that I didn't have to take anything else or see a healing practitioner unless I was in an AIM Program detox and wanted the support with the healing. That was rare.

I began to look for supplements with menopause a couple of years ago and am doing well with that. I still support my self-healing with the AIM Program every day. I take on and balance and heal any new frequencies that I am meant to heal when they are revealed to Stephen Lewis and placed in the AIM Program. It is an amazing way to evolve and be happy and well. I know those of us self-healing with the assistance of the AIM Program are profound evolutionary pioneers in a new form of self-healing. It is an interesting journey that's for sure. I have not seen a medical doctor in 10 years.

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