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Leroy from South Dakota - AIM participant since April 2002
Testimonial provided March 2019

After emotional healing, long-time AIM participant Leroy works through muscle, cancer and bladder issues. He believes AIM was an important part of his complete recovery.
Tags: Aggravation; Bladder; Cancer; Cancer, bone; Immune response; Inflamation; Muscle; Prostate; Swelling; Wellness;

2017 was an extraordinary year for me. I have been an active participant of this self-healing AIM process since 2002. Prior to this most healing had become more emotional or mental in nature and I moved through those processes rather easily. But in late 2016 I began to suffer physical difficulties in the orb of the bladder, hip and prostate that forced me to look for a structural solution. I was clearing a frequency related to the orbs of muscles and bladder with the emotional component of aggravation. This had become my dominant disposition. Full disclosure: My father had been diagnosed 10 years ago with prostate imbalances that metastasized into bone cancer and my brother had his prostate removed five years ago as well.

Certain muscle, cancer and bladder imbalance frequencies in me that were not in the AIM database were revealed to Roberta. Those got my full attention. I began to look for long-term structural solutions from an enlarged prostate about the size of a baseball which was blocking normal urinary function.

I should note that it is my opinion and belief that self-healing tumors and cancer imbalances on AIM normally involves this expansion process as the frequencies work to "break up" and disperse any potential cancer.

Two biopsies later, my doctors detected 3% cancer in the skin of the prostate and I was scheduled for a radical prostatectomy via the robotic method. The procedure went well and post-surgery the doctor was surprised that he detected no measurable cancer anywhere at all. This was confirmed 6 months later with no detectable PSA in the medical follow-up.

In my experience, the AIM Program has cumulative effects that not only strengthen the immune response, but that also assist with swelling and inflammation. I believe this is likely the main contributing factor as to why I was walking about the hospital the next day after the surgery.

Get on AIM and stay on AIM. Remove and heal the root cause of any imbalance before it manifests in the physical. The AIM Program is the best wellness assurance program available and is just a few dollars a day!

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