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Roz B from Las Vegas - AIM participant since November 2003
Testimonial provided July 2020

Roz lists the many many ways AIM has improved her life
Tags: Arthritis; Back pain; Career; Clarity; Dreams; Energy increase; Finances; Focus; Pain; Precognition; Promotions; Prosperity; Sanctuary; Walking; Weight loss;

In 2003 I read the book Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness and after reading it I knew I had to go on to The AIM Program. Once on the Program I could not believe the almost immediate changes. Clarity and focus were just the beginning. I received more prosperity and received 2 promotions in my career that year. Unexpected money in the amount of $4000 was a real perk. Sleeping through the night with vivid dreams in living color was great. I normally receive precognition in dreams, but I received more than usual precognition that year.

Sixteen years later, I went on the AIM Program again. I am on the Program 5 months now and again greater clarity and focus with increased energy. I have had challenges with arthritis, not being able to walk too far and painful lower back pain when I get up in the morning. The past two weeks the pain is simply 95% gone. It is as though I have a new body. Not only that I can now walk 3 miles every morning where before I could barely walk a mile. I am also beginning to lose weight as before AIM it was impossible due to Hashimoto disease. I have also been able to get a new car which I was totally not expecting at this time. I just casually placed the thought of a new car on one of the "goal" cards that AIM has in their online store and voila, within a week a new car was there for me to consider. I also received the gift of very expensive hearing aids due to an inner ear hereditary challenge which causes loss of hearing. Financial support with dental work has also appeared for me.

I cannot give The AIM Program enough accolades. It has improved my life in so many, many ways.

Roz B
Las Vegas, NV

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