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Tonja V from Nevada - AIM participant since December 2004
Testimonial provided March 2019

On AIM for 13 years, Tonja has more energy than ever and is starting a new career.
Tags: 13 years on AIM; Anxiety; Career; Courage; Depression; Emotions; Energy; Exhaustion; Fatigue; Fear; Self-doubt; Weight loss; Worry;

I joined the AIM Program 13 years ago and the shifts in my physical and emotional health have been profound. Prior to AIM I would have bouts with depression and struggled with fatigue. I spent a lot of my physical energy battling my depression and often found myself exhausted at the end of the workday. Thanks to AIM all of those struggles are in the past. I no longer live in fear and am creating a life I love.

After a 30 year successful career in marketing, I'm now working full time and also enrolled in a graduate degree program to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. My energy level at 50 is so much higher than it was in my 30's. I just published two novels on Amazon and implemented some new dietary changes to lose 20 pounds. AIM allows me to be my best self, letting go of anxiety, worry and self-doubt.

I remember Stephen saying there are many balancing frequencies for all types of issues, but the one that always sticks in my mind is the frequency to replace fear with courage.

I am living a much more exciting, inspired life because of AIM and all those balancing frequencies for anti-aging are a nice added bonus! Your hereditary and karmic imbalances don't have to control your life, you can take charge with AIM. I don't ever plan to be without it.

Tonja V
Las Vegas, NV

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