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Willemijntje and Ceacillia from Oklahoma - AIM participant since Oct 2022
Testimonial provided Feb 2023

Willemijntje the cat recovers from accidental poisoning. Her owner credits the AIM Program.
Tags: Cat; Poison;

My cat Willemijntje loves to visit my neighbor’s yard where there is a pile of wood. She can sit near the pile, waiting patiently till a mouse appears! And yes, I have seen her catching some. Since a few weeks I have new neighbors and I noticed that my nnew neighbor had sprayed the backyard to get rid of the weeds. Unfortunately, my cat must have crossed the sprayed section as she came back home after a while, very quiet and curling up, not wanting to eat or drink. Willemijntje had poisoning symptoms. She became totally lethargic. I was scared she would not make it in the following days and nights. I felt relieved when she started licking some water the third day after not drinking, even though she threw up after it. After 5 days not eating, she is now nibbling on food again. I have been a participant in the AIM Prorgram for many years and I am so thankful that I have Willemijntje on the AIM Program, too, knowing that even toxic imbalances can be detoxed by a cat while being on AIM!


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