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Jeff from California - AIM participant since July 2005
Testimonial provided October 2006

Jeff reports that he was facing death from chemotherapy and cancer. After participating in the AIM Program his doctor told him that biopsies showed he was clear of cancer. "In May of this year I thought I had seen my last Spring and now I'm making plans for the future."
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After dealing with chronic illness for many years because of ulcerative colitis, bad went to worse when in February of 2005 I was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma in the small intestine. I went through chemotherapy through the spring and that's when I really became ill. Despite having the intestinal disease most of my adult life, I have always been able to workout and have maintained a bodyweight of around 210 pounds at 6 feet one inch. After the chemotherapy began I became so sick that my bodyweight dropped to 140 pounds and rarely got out of bed for anything but going to the bathroom and occasionally standing on the bathroom scale to check how much more weight I had lost. I started to think that was how my life was going to end. My wife later admitted she had the same thoughts.

In June I found the EMC² website and read the chapters of Sanctuary available online, I was so intrigued I ordered the book later that night. Before I finished the book I knew this was something that I wanted to know more about and called for more information. I asked to receive the Sacrament of Energetic Balancing through The AIM Program beginning on July 13, 2005. The first thing I noticed was a feeling similar to a mild case of hives. The positive has been much different. I have since started getting up in the morning and practicing qigong followed by light weight training and a short period of rebounding on a mini-trampoline. My weight has climbed back to 175 pounds and my hair has grown back in even thicker than before the loss from chemotherapy. My friends can't get over how healthy I am looking and they are thrilled.

I went into the hospital last week for test and biopsies to be taken from the intestines. my doctor was concerned that there still may be some lymphoma. I got the results back this week and I'm clear of any cancer. The only thing that was found was a small amount of inflammation in one area where I had a previous surgery.

It's mind-boggling to think that in May of this year I thought I had seen my last Spring and now I'm making plans for the future and my wife and I with some close friends are planning to go on a cruise in February and another in August.

Life is good.

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