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Keith from Colorado - AIM participant since September 2006
Testimonial provided June 2012

Keith describes how AIM helped him to self-heal his psychiatric disabilities that had him trapped for years.
Tags: Emotional health; Fear; Lifelessness; Mental health; Miracle; Overwhelmed; Psychiatric disability; Terror;

I don't think there is any earthly way to measure how beneficial the AIM Program has been to me in every way.

In March of 2003 I was diagnosed with a psychiatric disability. In 1999 a series of bizarre, confusing, and powerfully overwhelming events seemed to hit me hard, all at the same time. By the time 2003 rolled around I was pretty much mentally and emotionally broken, and in my estimation, beyond repair. I spent 8 months in a psychiatric institution, which, while stabilizing me, left me even more drained at the end of the hospitalization then when I entered. Considering my condition at the time, this was hard for me to believe. I was 22 at the time of admission, and had basically accepted the fact that my life was over and I would die.

When I was released in November of 2003, my future seemed terrifying, overwhelming, and non-existent. The thought of living out the rest of my life in this condition seemed beyond my ability to bear. I had no hope and no joy. My life was over, in my mind at least, and I saw no way out. I felt like a lifeless zombie shuffling around without any light inside or purpose. It amazed me at the time how I was even able to physically survive. I did not even know it was even possible to suffer to that degree.

In 2004 my parents moved back to Colorado and shortly thereafter I followed along. I moved into my parents house for a few months before I was able to get admittance into a group home.

My days were grey and lifeless as I went through the motions of existence. The only activities I seemed to be able to perform outside of the necessities of life were reading and writing in my journal. Both of which I did often.

I don't remember exactly the first time I heard about AIM, but it seems to have been around mid-late 2005. I read about it in one of my books. I was very interested, but did not actually get on the AIM Program until late 2006. I got on the family plan with my parents and brother. Sometimes I wonder if they did it more for me than themselves, but either way, I was officially put on the program on September 11, 2006.

I feel as if I have lived an entire lifetime since then. The improvements to my quality of life, not to mention, the health giving benefits have been beyond where I was. There is no doubt that this progress is due in large part to the AIM Program. This Program is a miracle, and without it, I'm quite certain I would not be here writing this article today.

It was kind of like going from zero-everything. From having nothing but a daily existence of pain and misery to actually feeling like I have a second chance at life again. And not just a life of basic survival, but a good life that I'll actually enjoy and want to live.

I would recommend this program to everyone. It is a living miracle. God bless EMC², its AIM Program, and everyone involved. They have a special place in my heart.

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