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Jane from California - AIM participant since September 2008
Testimonial provided December 2012

Jane describes how her family used AIM to self-heal depression, allergies, and recover from surgery.
Tags: Allergies; Cold sores; Depression; Family; Family Plan; Heart, asymetrical; Natural Cures; Sanctuary; Weight loss;

As someone with a lifelong pursuit of information on alternative methods of healing, I first learned of the AIM Program in Kevin Trudeau's book "Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About". That led me to read "Sanctuary", and the description of Stephen Lewis' views on energetic balancing made immediate and intuitive sense to me.

This was in the fall of 2008, when my elderly and beloved mother had just been through heart surgery and was in a profound weakened state. I decided to put my immediate family on the AIM Program before I even finished reading "Sanctuary".

Over the last 4 years, I have seen what I believe is direct evidence of the power of this self-healing technology. I studied the works and philosophy of Royal Rife and believe the AIM Program is the most advanced form of vibration therapy available today. The evidence surrounds me everyday of the continuously improving health and well-being of my family members who are on this program.

At 80, my mother has fully recovered from the heart surgery she underwent 4 years ago. Born with a heart defect that caused asymmetrical development, her doctors are amazed that her heart has not only fully healed, but is now stronger and more balanced. My father, at 86 is still running a real estate business and is not showing any signs of retiring.

My cousin has suffered a battle with weight for the last 25 years, which has affected her self-esteem. She has now lost 30 lbs. And weaned herself off anti-depressants in the few years since being on the program. The weight has stayed off, she's thrilled to have her life back, and she feels it has everything to do with her self-healing with the AIM Program. My niece, who's in college, was accustomed to getting sick with every bug that goes around. Now, she gets sick much less often. She attributes her self-healing with the AIM Program and lives a healthier, more energetic life.

Multiple of these family members suffered from severe allergies, which they addressed for many years with shots and medications. My family has dramatically decreased the allergic reactions they used to constantly experience. They have virtually eliminated their need for the shots and pills they used to take frequently.

As for myself, my self-healing experience while on the AIM Program has convinced me of the positive impact on my well-being. For many years I suffered frequent outbreaks of cold sores around my mouth. After the first year on the program these outbreaks have completely disappeared. My overall health is excellent which I largely attribute to my ability to self-heal with the assistance of the cutting-edge technology of the AIM Program.

I see the AIM Program as a way to more fully access the power each of us has to heal ourselves. I believe it is an excellent form of lifelong health insurance and my personal experience for myself and whole family backs that up.

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