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Bernard from Nevada - AIM participant since October 2010
Testimonial provided December 2011

Bernard describes how AIM helped him overcome his MS symptoms. Six months after starting the AIM program he was able to stop seeing his chiropractor. Feeling an overall progression.
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I joined The AIM Program in October of 2010. I was diagnosed with MS in 1990 and I was the patient of a neurologist for five years. I was not satisfied with the process and chemicals he used and stopped seeing him.

In 1994 I received information about a chiropractor in San Jose, California that used cranial manipulation to overcome his MS symptoms. I found a chiropractor in Las Vegas, Nevada that practiced this method of chiropractic treatments. The cranial manipulation stopped the progression of this disorder to my satisfaction for the next 16 years although, I had to see him every other month.

Six months after starting the AIM Program I stopped seeing my chiropractor and have not seen him since. Thank you so very much for writing the book, Sanctuary, and getting this knowledge and technology out to the world.

I am a retired geological engineer and have long been one to study and follow the advances and enhanced knowledge about physics and the way the universe works. I, like the co-founders of EMC2;, firmly believe that if everything is energy (and it is) and that everything is connected (the famous string theory of physics), that the process of the AIM Program works and can have a significant impact on one's well-being.

I have not experienced any systems of the MS disorder since beginning the AIM Program. Instead my health, body strength, and overall feeling of wellness progressed magnificently. Self-healing has always been my theme and practice. Since I firmly believe that balancing the vibratory processes within oneG??s body brings about health, I am a proponent of the AIM Program to achieve health and feelings of wellness.

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