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Jonathan Faucher from Canada - AIM participant since March 2020
Testimonial provided August 2021

Since AIM, big life changes: Shungite works for him; Undesirable neighbors moved away, landlord lets him out of lease; Dog could barely walk, now leads the way.
Tags: Dog; Dwelling; Life improves; Shungite;

I just wanted to tell you that we started using shungite again and feel a significant difference. When we used it in the past we didn't feel much, but this was prior to AIM. I felt it appropriate to tell you, as last time we spoke I told you shungite didn't make a difference, but now it does. So, thank you for the suggestion.

Also, our dwelling situation has changed drastically. We live in a triplex and the other two neighbors are... well, let's say 'interesting'. Since we changed the AIM picture from the whole building to just our apartment both neighbors moved out. We contacted the landlord as we planned on moving out as well and wanted to see if we could come to an agreement to end the 1-year lease we have left. This is the landlord who had refused in the past to end the lease, and told us we had to honor it, and was doing a very poor job of maintaining the building. Well, this time he told us "It wouldn't be morally right for me to try and keep you, you can leave whenever you want, no notice required". He also said he is not renting out the rest of the building as he is selling. WOW so we have complete peace and quiet and can find an apartment at our own pace.

Also, or dog Enzo is doing better. A bit of AIM and some good nutrition and he is turning around. When we started, he could barely get up and long walks were almost impossible, now he leads the way on our walks.

Lastly, we heard the call with Evan where he spoke about how the origins of grateful come from grace. Interesting because here in Quebec we celebrate thanksgiving, thanksgiving in French is called "Action de grace" which means action of grace. So, we don't call it giving thanks, they call it giving grace, but the way we celebrate is same, just a different name. Though it was interesting.

All the best,
Jonathan & Amber

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