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Andre LaFreniere from Quebec - AIM participant since Aug 2021
Testimonial provided Oct 2022

Andre had so many things wrong, like high blood pressure, glaucoma, zero energy, etc, but his transformation was amazing.
Tags: Acidity; Blood pressure; Bloodshot eyes; Burping; Digestion; Dizziness; Energy; Eyes, bloodshot; Glaucoma; Headaches; High blood pressure; Hypertension; Stomach acidity; Transformation; Walking difficulty; Zero energy;

I started on the AIM Program a year ago. I had been suffering from stomach acidity, bloating burping and difficult digestion. The doctor gave me antacid pills and different things. Nothing seemed to work, it was even getting worse. And when I walked I had to walk slowly so as not to fall from dizziness.

I didn't think I would make it through. Then I got on AIM, and progressively but surely things started to ameliorate from month to month.

And today after a year on AIM, my digestive system is practically normal. And most amazing I can now walk fast, brisk step, without dizziness. What a change! Another thing, before I had zero energy, but surprisingly, now my energy is back, I am living again. I feel so grateful to AIM.

Furthermore, I had another big challenge, I had glaucoma and the pressure in my eyes was quite high. My eyes were always bloodshot from the pressure, which gave me terrible headaches. But slowly the pressure diminished, and now the white of my eyes are white and not bloodshot. It seems the circulation in my eyes is much better and I have no more headaches.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that with digestive problems I had high blood pressure like 180 or 200. But now my blood pressure is quite normal. There were so many things wrong with my health, but the transformation was progressive but quite amazing.

Thank you.

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