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Richie Kai from Los Angeles - AIM participant since before it began
Testimonial provided 4/25/2019

On AIM for 32 years, doing it the old way before AIM existed, Richie stays on the program, warns friends to stay away from him because they might "Catch His Wellness."

Tags: Blessing; Healthy lifestyle; Partying; Stomach virus;

I am thrilled to say I have been on the AIM Program for over 32 years.* Here are just a few of the experiences I have had that make this invaluable to me:

About 4 years ago a very nasty stomach virus was going thru all 6 of my family members (not then on the AIM Program) and many friends, and even though it was highly contagious I was fine! A year later the same thing happened with me being the only one not getting the stomach virus and was 100% fine. After that my wife agreed to put the family back on the program.

My wife purposely had taken my family (except me) off the program, as she didn't want them eating badly & partying all night and not get sick.

She wanted all of my kids to learn to take care of their health thru living a healthy lifestyle. Now since my kids are all grown up and have important jobs, marriages and kids, they don't have time to get sick.

I live in Los Angeles and had major plans for a XMAS Party Weekend with friends of mine in a music group playing in Santa Barbara on Thursday night -- then coming into LA, where we would be busy everyday & late at night thru Sunday. It was 4:30 on Thursday and I realized that I had a chest infection just setting in before leaving my office in the Valley, going home & then up to Santa Barbara to see my friends' show. I called Roberta as I realized I had forgotten to send in my renewal, so I was off the AIM Program. She put me on right away and within 15 mins I felt the chest infection literally begin to leave my body and completely go away. I went forward with my plans, getting home after 3am in Friday morning & went strong with limited sleep all weekend, and was 100% fine! This was truly a miracle for me.

Whenever anyone is sick, they all say the same thing "please stay away from me so you don't catch what I have," I tell them I am on a 24/7 vibrational medicine program, never get sick, and warn them that they might "Catch my Wellness" and then give them a hug.

The AIM Program is a Blessing in my life and I would be more than Happy to discuss this with anyone!

Best Wishes,

Richi Kai

* Richie Kai started going to Stephen Lewis many years before AIM existed and counts his pre-AIM years in the total.

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