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Albert Einstein reputedly said that there are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. The tags 'Miracle' and 'Miraculous' show up where AIM Program participants themselves use those words, but EMC² believes that the AIM Program is all about miracles of transformation and healing whether that word is used or not. As the saying goes, we don't believe in miracles, we rely on them. Each and every personal history revealed through these tags is about the miracle of self-healing with the AIM Program.
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Diana from Texas - AIM participant since November 2010
Tags: Diabetes; Digestion; Heart valves; Jaundice; Liver; Sanctuary;
Diana describes how AIM helped her to self-heal her leaky heart valves, diabetes, as well as her liver and digestive problems.
Gary from Tennessee - AIM participant since January 2005
Tags: Digestion; Eczema; Hepatitis B; Liver; Natural Cures; Pain; Sanctuary; Skin; Vision; Warts;
His doctor gives up on his chronic drug-resistant Hepatitis B which miraculously vanishes after going on The AIM Program. A lifelong digestive problem, eczema and chronic foot pain disappeared within weeks. Then a decades old wart went away and his vision improved so he no longer needs contacts.
Judi from Colorado - AIM participant since June 2005
Tags: Balance; Hepatitis C; Life works better; Liver;
Years after a blood transfusion, Judi learns she got Hepatitis C from it. Interferon didn't help, but . Interferon therapy didn't work, but after going on the AIM Program, she self-heals and her liver function is normal and her life works better.

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