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Albert Einstein reputedly said that there are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. The tags 'Miracle' and 'Miraculous' show up where AIM Program participants themselves use those words, but EMC² believes that the AIM Program is all about miracles of transformation and healing whether that word is used or not. As the saying goes, we don't believe in miracles, we rely on them. Each and every personal history revealed through these tags is about the miracle of self-healing with the AIM Program.
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Addison from California - AIM participant since July 2008
Tags: Autism; Grateful for AIM; Happier; Healthier; Immune system; Sensitivity to substances and emotions;
Sarah describes how The AIM Program has helped her Autistic son Addison become more engaged with the world around him and develop better communication skills.
Ana from California - AIM participant since November 2008
Tags: Aliveness; Anxiety; Depression; Grateful for AIM; Hernia - hiatal; Hiatal hernia; Hypoglycemia; Metabolic system; Miracle; Sciatica; Spiritual light;
Ana describes before being on the AIM program her life was sad and senseless. Her body was deteriorating due to multiple diseases. After starting on AIM, her life changed and her body began to self-heal.
Claire from Michigan - AIM participant since February 2005
Tags: Autism; Grateful for AIM;
At 30 years of age, after functioning mentally below the level of a teenager, Claire's autism self-heals and her mental capabilities increase dramatically.
David from Utah - AIM participant since June 2006
Tags: Alcoholism; Awareness; Family; Grateful for AIM;
I lost all desire for alcohol. I had been a dedicated drinker for over 17 years, not missing a single day to drown in the stuff. My sense of taste returned in a dramatic way.
Gillean from California - AIM participant since August 2002
Tags: Bone density; Grateful for AIM; Osteoporosis;
At 63 years old, Gillean has recovered from osteoporosis. "Thank you EMC²...You have turned a prognostication of a painful and sad old age or a sickly, drugged one into a healthy future of exciting possibilities!"
Janene from Australia - AIM participant since December 2003
Tags: Able to express love; Belief in self; Business; Clear thinking; Confidence, loss of; Consciousness; Depression; Feels better than ever; Fitness; Grateful for AIM; Overwhelmed; Proactive; Renewing AIM; Strength; Thinking clearly; Tiredness; Weight;
"Life was feeling like I was on a down hill slide...." Now Janene reports she is in control of her life, exercising reularly, has taken on new businesses and handles the pressures of work and family and is stronger and feels younger than she can ever remember.
Jo from Minnesota - AIM participant since August 2005
Tags: Brain tumor; Grateful for AIM; Love; Meningioma; Miracle; Peace; Self-awareness; Tumor, brain;
When I was told I had a brain tumor I only felt silence. Emptiness. Disbelief. My mind, especially in its new low functioning state, couldn't seem to react.
Joey from Nevada - AIM participant since February 2006
Tags: Anger; Autism; Depression; Grateful for AIM;
16 yearr old Joey's symptoms of autism improve. He can carry on conversations instead of repeating words over and over. His anger is under control. This is AMAZING to me!!! Thank you!
Kim from Nevada - AIM participant since April 2007
Tags: Back pain; Colds; Conscious healing; Depression; Doesn't get sick; Drug addiction; Emotional trauma; Family; Flu; Grateful for AIM; Meds; Neck pain; Pain; Rehab; Ritalin; Sanctuary;
After self-healing with the AIM Program, Kim's family is excelling, her depression has lifted and she reports that she no longer needs her meds. Kim's husband is a physician and he admits things are different on AIM.
Lora from Michigan - AIM participant since December 2009
Tags: Allergies; Colds; Depression; Detox, energetic; Grateful for AIM; Hormonal imbalance; Menopause; Miraculous; Respiratory; Sanctuary;
Lora describes how detoxing multiple frequencies on AIM helped her relieve herself of the severe allergies she suffered from, and also assisted her in weaning herself off of depression medication.
Marnie from California - AIM participant since June 2006
Tags: Detox, energetic; Grateful for AIM; Stomach surgery; Surgery, recovery after; Zest;
After undergoing a major stomach surgery, Marnie describes how utilizing the enhancing frequencies of AIM helped her recovery rapidly.
Mary from Florida - AIM participant since April 2005
Tags: Grateful for AIM;
Mary talks about why she enjoys getting the EMC² weekly Newsletters.
Michele from South Dakota - AIM participant since April 2001
Tags: Grateful for AIM; Pregnancy; Prostate;
Michele describes how AIM helped her to conceive her daughter after years of trying.
Michelle from New Zealand - AIM participant since June 2010
Tags: Anxiety; Compassion; Depression; Digestion; Emotional trauma; Family; Fatigue; Grateful for AIM; Guilt; Insight; Intuition; Relationship; Shame;
Michelle describes how her relationship with her mother has improved, along with her mental health and physical health.
Raquel from Georgia - AIM participant since March 2007
Tags: Forgiving; Goal cards; Grateful for AIM; Gratitude; Hips; Plantar Fascitis; Well-being;
I am clearing imbalances left and right. Coincidentally the pain from the so-called plantar fasciitis I was diagnosed with is gone.
Vicki from California - AIM participant since May 2003
Tags: Fatigue; Grateful for AIM; Multiple Sclerosis (MS); Well-being;
I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1984 and thus began my journey to recover my health. Through this search I became educated about my illness by coming into contact with many different practitioners and their techniques.

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