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Gary from Tennessee - AIM participant since January 2005
Testimonial provided December 2008

His doctor gives up on his chronic drug-resistant Hepatitis B which miraculously vanishes after going on The AIM Program. A lifelong digestive problem, eczema and chronic foot pain disappeared within weeks. Then a decades old wart went away and his vision improved so he no longer needs contacts.
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In May 2004, after several months of trying every prescription available to treat my diagnosis of chronic Hepatitis B, my doctor said he was going to have to discontinue the prescriptions for treatment because it wasn't helping, and he just couldn't continue to justify the $1,000 a month cost to the insurance company. He wanted to be clear that I understood I was terminal because of the chronic Hepatitis B. He said he thought I had about 5 years left to live, but that I should check back every 6 months as new medications are always coming out.

Somehow I came to order Kevin Trudeau's book Natural Cures in which he mentions the book Sanctuary. In January 2005 I enrolled in The AIM Program. Before starting The AIM Program, I was extremely fatigued and nauseated much of the time, but within 30 days of starting on AIM, these symptoms were gone and I felt better than I had in years!

In April 2005, my wife and I moved from Oregon to Tennessee, and I just never went back for my check-up every six months with my doctor in Oregon. After pressure from my family to see a doctor, I started inquiring about getting an appointment with a local doctor. I could find no doctor in town who would treat me, so I had to travel to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville in order to be seen by a doctor.

After 2 appointments, several hundred dollars in blood work, a CT scan and a liver biopsy, the head of the liver transplant department at Vanderbilt told me "Gary, there just isn't anything wrong with you and you don't need to come back for any more tests unless you just want to."

I am so incredibly thankful for The AIM Program and the self-healing I have experienced while on AIM! The digestive problem I have had all my life was gone within 30 days of starting The AIM Program. The eczema I have had for 35 years was gone in 7 weeks and has not come back no matter what I get my hands in. The pain in my foot that I had for 12 years and was taking 500 mg of Naproxin for twice a day was gone in 10 months (I quit the Naproxin when I started AIM).

After a year and a half on AIM, a wart disappeared -- I had it since high school. And in order to read the words on my computer screen I had to wear reading glasses with my contacts. Now occasionally I put on a pair of reading glasses for some things, but I haven't needed to use the contacts for over a year and a half. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 7 years old and I'm 57 now.

Thank you all!

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