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Kim from Nevada - AIM participant since April 2007
Testimonial provided December 2012

After self-healing with the AIM Program, Kim's family is excelling, her depression has lifted and she reports that she no longer needs her meds. Kim's husband is a physician and he admits things are different on AIM.
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My story with AIM began in 2007.

I have a family history of depression and had been on and off anti-depressants since the age of 20. My psychiatrist finally told me to just accept that I would be on medications for the rest of my life and to quit fighting it. I was taking them and other medications to lessen their side effects.

I was also experiencing back and neck pain from disc degeneration and the orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery. I was working as an RN at the time and was very frustrated with just addressing the symptoms via traditional medicine, so I started my search for something else.

I was browsing the book section at a Raw Food location in Vegas and picked up Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness, read the last page and thought to myself, I hope I am still around when this modality, this "energy medicine", becomes reality. I was shocked to find that not only was it available but that EMC² was based right here in Vegas. I immediately did my research and then enrolled myself and 3 of my 4 children on the program - without telling my husband - he's a medical doctor and I didn't want to even try to explain the concept to him.

After two years on the AIM Program, the changes were significant. I was off all meds and my back issues resolved. I still experience some mild back pain occasionally but now realize that it likely comes when I am clearing some newly added balancing energies that I need to heal another hereditary imbalance. I actually get excited now, knowing that I am healing another layer.

My two boys were teenagers at the time and had experienced some pretty significant emotional trauma and abuse. Both were acting out and struggling in school, and both were being medicated with Ritalin. We were trying to find an anti-depressant that the older one could tolerate, after having tried 3 different meds without success. The first year on the program, I noticed subtle changes in them - there were more ups than downs and I noticed they were able to cope with the downs better. One was off Ritalin within a few months, the other needed it very infrequently if at all. Things improved in school and they both have graduated now, both very well adjusted and happy. One is now a junior at UNR and the other is going into the Coast Guard in March.

My youngest was 4 when we began the AIM Program, a very typical child with no real health issues, just colds, flu and ear infections treated by antibiotics several times a year. Since being on the AIM Program, she just doesn't seem to get sick - if she feels off, it's for a few hours instead of being out of school for a week like her classmates. She is a very kind and gentle person and people are very drawn to her. I believe that's because she's been able to clear the energetic imbalances that keep most people so weighed down, allowing her to just truly be herself.

So, after 2 years on the AIM Program, I finally approached my husband. I just casually mentioned that for the past two years I had our family on an 'energy healing program', that it was time to renew for the year and asked if he would like me to add him. I said I wasn't going to try and explain it, but gave him the book and the web site. I pointed out how much progress we had all made; not one of us had been to a doctor in the past year. Two days later he said to me, "I guess if all the family is on something, I should include myself as well". He still hasn't read the book or anything else but does admit that something is different. I will say that I have found the benefits are amplified many fold when a person consciously self-heals with the AIM Program, in terms of raising consciousness. But he has benefited from self-healing through the AIM Program while still holding on to his traditional medicine orientation.

Then there is perhaps the greatest part of my family story.

When I started on the AIM Program, my oldest daughter was 18 and had been using drugs for 2 years. She became pregnant and at this point was a heavy IV heroin user. She lived in Chicago but became very ill with kidney issues and came home until the baby was born. I did talk to her about the AIM Program, but she was not ready. Fortunately, she delivered a healthy baby girl, but then she took the baby back to Chicago and continued using.

In March of this year (2012) she finally hit bottom and wanted to come home and get help. She had been living on the streets in Chicago and hadn't showered in 2 weeks. She had dried blood between her toes from shooting up before boarding the plane so she could make it home without getting sick. My 4 year old granddaughter Kaylee was filthy. She had a black fungus that covered her scalp, her body was covered in a rash, she had an upper respiratory infection, chronic cough and was emotionally fragile. She didn't eat for two days after arriving here and had night terrors. I took my daughter from the airport to an inpatient rehab. They called a few days later to update me and told me that she was one of the sickest patients they had admitted in a long time. They said users that get to that stage usually don't make it to rehab, they die.

I know this is hard to read but I promise it does get better. The drug detox period was 2 weeks and she was heavily medicated. I waited until she was stable and then discussed the AIM Program with her again and asked if I could at least get Kaylee on it. She signed for both of them to be added.

That was 7 months ago. We haven't even made it through the first year and the difference is radical. My daughter completes her rehab program tomorrow. Everybody that has worked with her marvels at how well she is doing. They all say there is something different about her. She's been able to move through the program and not look back. The level of healing is incredible and stands out in comparison to the other patients. And I just went to Kaylee's first parent-teacher conference at her preschool and they reported that she is up to the level of her classmates and beyond, both socially and educationally. Kaylees's psychologist asked me what I attributed her unprecedented improvement to, and my answer was a stable home environment and some 'energy healing'.

The AIM Program has made possible the self-healing of my family with profound improvements in my life and in that of every member of my family. I am very grateful to have been guided to it. Words seem inadequate when trying to express the feelings I have for the AIM Program - I truly feel it saved my family.

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