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Lora from Michigan - AIM participant since December 2009
Testimonial provided June 2010

Lora describes how detoxing multiple frequencies on AIM helped her relieve herself of the severe allergies she suffered from, and also assisted her in weaning herself off of depression medication.
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Dear EMC²,

At the beginning of April I wrote to you to express my appreciation for the miraculous AIM Program, your commitment to humanity and to inquire about the subtle energy frequencies that I had balanced since starting The AIM Program in December. At that time I was undecided about continuing the injections I have had for a little less than four years to improve my health because of allergies. My allergies were severe enough that if too many allergens accumulated in my body I would experience an asthmatic reaction.

From that email, I did receive a reply back from EMC² that was very helpful and very much appreciated. I made the decision after consulting with my allergist to continue the injections. After the first injection I didn't feel that it helped and noticed that the symptoms didn't subside as usual. After the second injection, a week later, I surely didn't feel well and then thought I contracted a cold. I was very uncomfortable with a severe runny nose, sore throat, coughing, and total head discomfort. This was on or about April 18th. The following Thursday, and I believe the Thursday after that, Stephen Lewis reported in the Talkshoe discussions the new respiratory frequencies that were added to the trays. Well, I was experiencing the manifestation of all of the symptoms, full blown for about two to three weeks!!! One of the amazing experiences as I detoxed this imbalance is the way it stopped...I was laying down with a cold washcloth over my nasal passages one afternoon, trying to get some relief from the constant runny nose and discomfort in my head, when all of a sudden it all stopped, just like the snap of a finger. Blew me away!

Also, during the weeks of detox, I received an acupuncture treatment and felt the energy waves move through my body unlike any before. I believe The AIM Program helped me to more fully experience the acupunture treatment.

Since I've detoxed the respiratory imbalances I haven't had any severe reactions to the allergens in my environment. An occasional sneeze during the heavy pollen season was all I experienced. (I live in acreage of pine trees which give off a lot of pollen during early spring that everything is coated with yellow pollen dust!). I have been outside daily to plant my vegetable garden and flowers and to enjoy the warm spring weather. I am not taking any prescription allergy medication or injections and feel allergy free! I am breathing clearly and smoothly. I can't remember the last time I felt/breathed this well. I attribute this feeling of health and well being to the healing I am doing with The AIM Program. I am so thankful for it and the respiratory frequencies that you have added to the trays recently! What a Godsend!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you!!!!

In addition to the respiratory frequencies I recently balanced I have also detoxed a hereditary frequency that involved the brain and the liver. It was the one from 'Joey' I believe. That imbalance was unknown to me and took me by surprise. But then again, I really shouldn't be surprised. With this detox I experienced vertigo one week for about four days, and the liver pain and discomfort for one day about a week later. It was quite profound. Wowwy!

Last but not least, I am no longer taking the prescription antidepressant for my menopausal hormone imbalances or experiencing the effects of hormonal imbalance. I have tried a couple of times in the past to wean myself off of this medication, but was unsuccessful. The symptoms kept coming back. I balanced those imbalances quite early on in the program, about February. It is an adjustment to begin feeling my feelings again and to realize that I am quite a sensitive person, appropriately so. The new and evolved Lora! :).

As you know, Gail Miller and I co-presented The AIM Program to three groups in the Lansing, Michigan area during the month of May. It was my pleasure and honor to do this. In the process of preparing and planning the presentations, I profoundly realized that I am not here to convince anyone that they need to heal themselves or feel sad that they don't get the value of this opportunity. I also profoundly realized that I have control of only myself. I can give people information and it is up to them to do with it as they choose. In the meantime, I get to have fun and be myself. This feeling is very freeing!

There are times when I wish I was already the centurion I intend to be so that young people would ask me with sincerity what I have done to live to be so healthy and vital because they want to live a healthy life and have longevity. I guess this is about making a difference in people's life. I have this idea that, with many years of this technology under my belt, I will have more credibility and more people will understand it.

Since 1984, I have used alternative medicine, especially acupuncture, with my health care, but I have never done anything like The AIM Program. I am humbled and so appreciative for the gift and blessing I have been given to attract this knowledge and utilize the technology in this program. Thank you so very much EMC² for listening to your inner guidance and using your God given talents to create The AIM Program, and for writing the book, Sanctuary, and getting this knowledge and technology out to the world.

With much gratitude and love,


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